The Tasmanian Transport Museum is seeking Expression of Interest for the potential sale of our 1958 Bedford Truck.

Expression of Interest

The Tasmanian Transport Museum Society Inc. is seeking Expression of Interest from interested parties
for the potential purchase of a 1958 D5LD model Bedford Truck.

1. Reason for the Expression of Interest

Tasmanian Transport Museum Society Inc. wishes to see the Bedford truck fully restored and
appreciated by all Tasmanians. However, due to competing priorities, an aging volunteer base and
the lack of any experienced vehicle restorers the Committee of Management believes a potential new
owner would be benniefical and could achieve a restoration of the truck. The Committee of
Management cannot envisage the truck being restored at the museum in the short to medium term, if
at all.

2. History of the Truck

This Bedford is a D5LD model from 1958 and entered service in 1959 as MTT fleet number 3 (replacing
a 1950 Bedford that also had fleet number 3). Following the removal of the overhead wires upon
closure of the trolley bus system in 1968, the truck passed to the Marine Board of Hobart where it was
used to assist in maintaining the high lights and rooves of their cargo sheds. Displaced by more
modern appliances, the truck was redundant by the late 1990s.

3. Condition of the Truck

The truck is in an unrestored condition, but is reasonably mechanically sound. The engine does have
a substantial water leak through a welch plug, which will require the engine to be removed for repairs.
The truck has been undercover for a number of years.

4. Condition of Sale

Tasmanian Transport Museum Society Inc. retains the right to cancel this EOI at anytime and retain
ownership of the truck.

5. How will the EOI be assessed?

Tasmanian Transport Museum Society Inc. will assess all Expression of Interest against the following
5.1 What timeframe the truck would be restored in.
5.2 Experience of the purchaser or entity with vehicle restoration (particularly with heritage
5.3 What the purchaser intends do with the truck i.e. for general use, private collection or made
available to the general public (truck shows / museums).
5.4 How the truck would be housed prior to restoration and following restoration.
5.5 Price.

6 Inspections

Inspections can be arranged on Tuesdays between 11am and 2pm.

7 How to submit an Expression of Interest?

All Expression of Interest must be submitted by close of business 19 March 2021. Submissions must
be made in writing and addressed to:
The Secretary
Tasmanian Transport Museum Society
GPO Box 867
Hobart, Tasmania, 7001

8 What to include in the Expression of Interest?

All submitted Expression of Interest must include the following:
Email (if applicable)
Address all the criteria listed in Section 5
Any other relevant information pertinent
Note: Failure to address all criteria will result in the EOI not being considered