The Tasmanian Transport Museum is responsible for the management of the rail corridor between Elwick Rd, Glenorchy and Mentmore St, Chigwell. This includes vegetation control, below and above rail infrastructure and access to 3rd parties to enter the corridor.

Accessing the Corridor

As the lease holder of the Elwick Rd – Mentmore St section of the rail corridor, the Tasmanian Transport Museum (TTMS) is responsible for controlling access for all 3rd parties. This is usually done through a formal Interface Agreement between the TTMS and the 3rd Party. If you require access to the rail corridor to undertake works, please contact us via the form below.  3rd Parties MUST NOT enter the rail corridor without permission from the TTMS.

Emergency Access

To access the corridor in an emergency you must contact us via telephone on 0428 386 843 before entering the rail corridor. Rail operations can occur at anytime during daylight hours.

Scheduled Access

For all access and for works the the Tasmanian Transport Museum requires a minimum of 28 days notice. This is to allow time for the proposed works to be assessed and impacts on rail operations considered and safety measures implemented.

3rd parties must contact the Tasmanian Transport Museum by completing the form.  Allow 3 business days for a reply.

Corridor Access Request

Please try and give the precise location. I.e. Brooker Highway Overpass
Type of Works(Required)
Does your proposed works involve any excavation / digging works?(Required)
Digging within 3m of track formation could seriously impact the safety of the rail formation. Excavation / digging works may require assessment by our Infrastructure Engineer.
The more information that you can provide us will assist us in assessing your request in a timely manner.

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