Step back in time with a visit to the Tasmanian Transport Museum. Parents and grandparents can relive their own childhood memories while introducing the next generation to this unforgettable part of Tasmania’s history. See the trains, trams and buses that were once a common sight throughout Tasmania. Take a short train ride (on selected days) and relive Tasmanian train travel from a bygone era.

A little bit about our beginnings

In 1960 four young men from Hobart persuaded the Metropolitan Transport Trust (MTT) to donate a Hobart tram for preservation. From this small beginning, the Tasmanian Transport Museum Society was formally established in 1962, and in 1965 purchased its first railway locomotive.  The museum was officially opened on 3 December 1983.

Over the years development of the site has included the laying of rail track, and the building of a roundhouse, carriage shed, and bus shed, as well as a large shed to house the trams, trolley buses and steam technology exhibits.

The former New Town railway station, signal box from the Botanical Gardens, and several other historic pieces have been relocated to the museum over the years, providing an authentic setting for the display and operation of rail exhibits.


The Tasmanian Transport Museum Society (TTMS) has two main aims:

  • to establish and maintain a museum in which items of interest concerning Tasmanian transport will be preserved and displayed; and
  • to further interest and research into transport, with particular reference to Tasmania.


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