Sleeper Handler SHC4

In the early 1980s, AN Tasrail obtained four sleeper handlers from Comeng Aresco of Adelaide. These small units are to a standard design that was sold widely, and are self propelled and hydraulically driven. In addition to boom control, the body can be rotated as can be the gripping head itself. It was donated by Tasrail in 2013 and was eventually relocated to the museum and was repainted in 2016. SHC 4 is fully operational and is used on a regular basis around the museum.

Sleeper Inserter

The sleeper inserter was built by Gemco Rail of Perth, WA and was purchased by Australian National Railways (ANR) in 1978. It was purchased by the museum in 2016 and has since been repainted. It is fully operational.

WG52 Gang Motor

This was the more standard of a number of designs used by the Tasmanian Government Railways (TGR) to transport men and equipment short distances around the system. Early units used Buda engines with the later models using Wisconsin engines. The WG52 is fully operational.

Wolseley Car 18/85

As the last section of the Murchison Highway linking Burnie to the West Coast was not opened until 1963, the Manager of the EZ Company mine had a 1947 Wolseley car converted to run on rails for his conveyance between Rosebery and Guildford. The car was donated to the museum in 1972 and was eventually restored to display condition by panel beating students at Hobart TAFE College. In 1997 it was taken to Burnie for display as part of the Emu Bay Railway (EBR) centenary celebrations. Mechanical and electrical work was carried out by members and friends of the museum in the early 2000s and the vehicle tested in-situ. The car has had limited test runs over the past few years. In early 2018 the car was found to have a major overheating fault, work was undertaken by museum members to rectify the fault by removing redundant cooling pipework which resulted in better coolant flow through the engine and radiator. The car is fully operational.

Clink on the link to see the Wolseley being moved out of the shed here.

Mazda T3500 Hi-Rail Truck

Originally a TasRail truck, it was later acquired by the West Coast Wilderness Railway (WCWR) for use between Queenstown and Strahan. Following the purchase of two new trucks, the Mazda became surplus to WCWR requirements and was donated to the museum. Members of the museum took possession of the truck on Saturday 13 October 2018 and it was driven back to Hobart. The truck is currently under restoration and will potentially be used for future running on the Hobart suburban line.

Mini Tamper

The mini tamper was donated to the museum by TasRail in 2021. It is fully operational.

Sleeper Inserter