Tower Wagon No.3 – Bedford

The Metropolitan Transport Trust (MTT) Hobart ran a small fleet of overhead tower trucks to maintain wires for tram and trolley bus operations until 1968. This Bedford is a D5LD model from 1958 and entered service in 1959 as MTT fleet number 3 (replacing a 1950 Bedford that also had fleet number 3). Following the removal of the overhead wires upon closure of the trolley bus system in 1968, the truck passed to the Marine Board of Hobart where it was used to assist in maintaining the high lights and rooves of their cargo sheds. Displaced by more modern appliances, the truck was redundant by the late 1990s and was offered to the Tasmanian Transport Museum for heritage purposes. As the museum already has Fargo Tower Truck number 7 from the MTT, it is planned that this truck will be restored to represent a general carrier truck of the 1960s and has been stripped of its tower as an initial step.

Tower Wagon No.7 – Fargo

The Fargo tower truck is an FL 4 model first registered in May 1948. The tower was used to maintain the overhead wires of the trams and trolley buses and was constructed by the Hobart City Council owned tramways (HMT) in their workshops. The final cost of the truck and tower was 1342 pounds and replaced a Miles Daimler that has been built on one of the chassis of Hobarts first two buses introduced around 1905. Following the closure of the trolley buses in 1968, No.7 was retained by the now government owned Metropolitan Transport Trust (MTT) for building maintenance purposes and initially lent to the Tasmanian Transport Museum for display in between these tasks from 1988. Eventually the truck (and its use) was deemed to be a non core activity of the MTT and it was donated to the museum in October 1998. Interestingly it has carried one colour scheme but 7 different registration plates over its 70 years.

1935 Dodge Fire Engine

Fargo Tower Truck