Tram 13

Built in Launceston by J & T Gunn, Launceston Municipal Tramways number 13 entered service in 1912, a year after the opening of the Launceston tramway system. This class of 14 trams formed almost half of the operational fleet in Launceston, and survived in operation until the closing of the system in 1952, after which the trams were scrapped. In 1974, the decrepit body of tram 13 was acquired by the museum. Following the successful restoration of Hobart tram 46 in 1993, work started on tram 13 and has proceeded to a point where the tram body is now virtually complete, with only minor work remaining. As with Hobart tram 46, tram 13 is without an underframe and is not operational.

Tram 141

Hobart Municipal Tramways tram number 141 was built in 1952, and was the second last tram built for the Hobart system. It ran for just eight years before the system closed in 1960, following which all the trams were disposed of. Tram 141 was donated complete by the Metropolitan Transport Trust (MTT) to the museum. For many years the tram was stored in the Hobart railway roundhouse until it was moved by rail to the museum site in April 1979.

Although the tram is operational, the museum has no overhead wires erected and the tram is on static display only.

Tram 46

Built in 1922 as a single-truck, double-deck tram, Hobart Municipal Tramways number 46 was converted to a single-deck car about 1948. Officially scrapped in August 1954, the body of 46 and many others were sold for use as sheds.

In 1973 the decrepit body of 46 was acquired by the TTMS and transported to the museum. Restoration proceeded slowly until 1993, when the body of tram 46 was to form the centrepiece of the centenary of public transport in Hobart. Much time and effort was put into restoring tram 46 to its former glory, and the body was exhibited in Hobart’s Elizabeth Street Mall during the celebrations. The Tram was also taken to the Royal Hobart Show on one occasion for display with the Hobart City Council

As with Launceston tram 13, number 46 is without an underframe and is not operational.

Tram 13