School Groups

No train running during September.

School Groups

No train running during September.

The Tasmanian Transport Museum provides a unique environment for students of all ages to learn about Tasmania’s transport history.

Planning for your visit

Prior to visiting the Museum, brief students about the aims of the excursion and what they can expect to see. You may also wish to undertake some pre-and-post visit activities. Talk to your students about appropriate behaviour in a museum, including no climbing on exhibits or running – we want to make sure a visit to the Museum is a fun and safe experience for all. If a train is operating, all visitors must stay behind the yellow line on the platform and follow any instructions given by Museum staff. Students will need to bring their own clipboards, pens and pencils should they be required. It is recommended that at least one-hour be allowed for the visit.

At the Museum

School bags should be left on the bus. Our staff will be on hand to guide the students around the museum and answer any questions, but please ensure adequate adult supervision for the size of your group.

Cost & Bookings

The Tasmanian Transport Museum offers special rates for school bookings. To find out more, use our online contact form, send us an email, or give us a call during office hours on 0428 386 843.


We have developed a range of resources for children, including colouring-in, activity, and fact sheets. Click on the links below to download.


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