Under the Hobart Heritage Rail plan, the Tasmanian Transport Museum plans to expand its present rail operations to the former TasRail suburban line between Glenorchy and Granton. The last TasRail freight train operated on the line in 2014 and is now defined by TasRail as a “non-operational line”.

The Tasmanian Transport Museum currently holds a lease with the Tasmanian Government for the Glenorchy (Elwick Rd) to Chigwell (Mentmore St) section of the line, under the Strategic Infrastructure Corridors Act 2016.


Year 1 Objective –

Operate trains between Elwick Rd and Grove Rd in the first 12 months. Commencement 21 May 2023.


Year 2 Objective –

Extend operations from Grove Rd to Berriedale Road, including installation of crossing lights.     


Year 3 Objective –

To extend operations from Berriedale to Mentmore St, Chigwell (possibly Box Hill Rd). Establish a passing loop (most likely near Box Hill Rd). Installation of an additional set of crossing lights.


Years 4 / 5 Objective –

Maximise revenue opportunities and consider the viability extending rail operations to Granton. Installation of additional crossing lights. Establish a passing loop at Granton.



  • Extended train rides for patrons, including school and tour groups
  • Special event trains (Dark MOFO)
  • Dinner train with a dedicated Dining Carriage
  • Lunch and dinner trains to local wineries and restaurants within the Granton area
  • Local employment and further volunteer roles


Progress Status – As of September 2022 

The Tasmanian Transport Museum has been undertaking track maintenance and bridge work on the Elwick Rd to Grove Rd section. With work almost complete, the process of upgrading the Rail Accreditation to operate passenger trains is now underway. The application is assessed by Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator (ONRSR), and we must meet strict regulations to ensure we operate our trains in a safe manner. We are unable to operate trains in this section until our application is assessed and we are issued with a variation of accreditation from ONRSR.





Strategic Corridors Act 2016