The Tasmanian Transport Museum aims to be an inclusive place for all our visitors. It is important to understand that due to the heritage nature, the age of our rail vehicles and Station building that there are some constraints around mobility, wheelchair access and prams.

The Tasmanian Transport Museum understands that heightened sound sensitivity can lead to discomfort or even distress from the sounds that our trains make. We have listed some helpful information below that may assist you to plan your visit and have an enjoyable experience.


Wheelchair Access

Carriages – we have one carriage that has a separate compartment which is wheelchair accessible (via a portable wheelchair ramp). It is important to note that we can only carry two wheelchairs per ride when this carriage is in use. In addition, only two seats are available to accompany the wheelchairs in the compartment. We aim to utilise this carriage on all steam train and diesel locomotive Y4 train rides, but there may be times where this is not available due to carriage maintenance or on special advertised events. We will advise on our Facebook page should wheelchair access not be available. We can accommodate any size wheelchair in this carriage.

Diesel Railcar DP15 – we can accommodate two wheelchairs on our Railcar and trailer. However, wheelchairs must not be any wider than 700mm (70cm) due to the door frames. We are unable accommodate any wheelchairs greater than this width on our Railcar. We utilise a portable wheelchair ramp to access the Railcar from the platform.

Station access – our platform has level access from the left end of the station (as viewed from our reception building). Access to the platform via the middle ramp leads to a small step down onto the platform. Our platform staff can provide the wheel ramp if required to negotiate this step. To access our station display room, the platform attendant can also assist with access by utilising our portable wheelchair ramp, noting that this is a standard sized door frame.


Limited Mobility Access

Carriages – our carriages have quite large steps to access, and this can make it difficult to board our carriages. Mobility Aids such as wheelie walkers or walking frames will not fit through the doorways. These can be left on the platform and our platform staff will assist with boarding the train. If wheelchairs are not being carried, the wheelchair compartment may also be an option for boarding via our wheelchair ramp. Please speak to our platform attendant, as we will endeavour to do our very best to help you access our carriages.

Diesel Railcar DP15 – our Railcar has easy access from the platform, with only a small step required.


Sound Sensitivities

Steam Trains – our steam trains are required to operate the whistle when departing the station and at various times throughout the journey. In addition, steam blowing from the engine can be very loud and sometimes frightening, particularly as the train departs the platform.

Diesel Locomotive Y4 – our big red diesel locomotive has a loud engine, particularly when it is at the platform idling. The locomotive is required to blow the horn on departure and at various times throughout the ride. Sitting in the furthest carriage away from the locomotive may also help reduce sound levels.

Diesel Railcar DP15 – out of all our trains, the Railcar is the quietest train that we utilise. The Railcar is required to blow the horn on departure and at various times throughout the ride, however there is very little engine and other noise during the ride. Sitting away from either end of the Railcar will minimise the noise levels such as the horn.

• We recommend that people with sound sensitivities do not stand on the platform when the train is arriving or departing. If riding on the train, sitting in the furthest carriage away from the steam engine or diesel engine may also help reduce sound levels.

• Noise cancelling headphones are a great way of reducing the sounds that come from our trains.

• The museum site is quietest on our non-train ride days.



Carriages – our carriages have narrow doorways and are not suitable for prams. Prams can be left on the platform. Please speak to our platform attendant.

Diesel Railcar DP15 – our Railcar has very limited room available and prams should be left on the platform to ensure sufficient access is provided for wheelchair visitors.


Taking A Break

If you need to take a small break from the museum site during your visit, then please speak to our reception staff and they will be happy to allow re-entry back into the museum.

We have picnic tables (available when the Party Carriage is not in use) and other seating located in front of the Party Carriage area and platform.



There are no toilet facilitates onboard our trains. Toilets, including wheelchair accessible and baby change tables are located onsite (beside the Electric Traction Building / southern end of the Station).


Wheelchair access ramp into Railcar

Wheelchair access ramp into Railcar


child with ear muffs on train

Ear muffs can reduce sound levels


Space for wheelchairs on Railcar

Wheelchair space on the Railcar


Southern wheelchair access to the platform

Southern wheelchair access to the platform